This is a question I hear quite often when it comes to selling Pillbags.Customers want to know exactly how big the zippered pouches of the Pillfold are, and I understand. If your pills don't fit, the ...
A few weeks ago, the print shop I use for my books made a small mistake. I ordered a new run ofDespite Lupus books,so I would have plenty of copies on hand for the holiday season. The books arrive in ...
This time of year always puts my daily afternoon nap to the test. With dozens of things to get done, and just four make that now three short weeks to do them in, I always think about how productive I ...
Wow I always feel so lucky to have such loyal readers who nominate Despite Lupus for Healthline's annual Best Health Blog. My sincere thanks to those who think theDespite Lupusblog is a keeper again t...
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