"To push, or not to push, that is the question."At least, thatseems like it's the question. I've been feeling absolutely, positively fabulous lately. No swelling, no extra fatigue, and no pa...
Remember my friend Marissa over at She did the fantastic 12-12-12Project, asking me to participate as one of thefeatured project members. She did the 12-12-12 project in an effort to get a...
The girls and I traveled to Indiana last week to visit grandma and grandpa - and we decided to pay a visit to our furry friends at the Indianapolis Zoo while we were there. I had my Trocadero Pillfold...
Check out one ofthe latest list of celebrities who have bravely come forward to talk about the fact that they have lupus. Thanks to each one of them for revealing that they, too, battle with the disea...
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