Thank you, Selena Gomez, for speaking out about your lupus experienceYou can read about Ms. Gomez' recent lupus treatment here. It was so brave of her to share part of her story. I hope it empowers ot...
I'm happy to share the most recent press release from the Lupus Foundation of America on the status of the price hikeshortage of the generic form of Plaquenil Hydroxychlorquine.Good news is that they'...
I had two things to do last night. One - writea blog post. Two - write a letter to Deirdre's 1st grade class,explaining why she isso special to us.She was chosen as Student of the Week, and the letter...
Yup. You're seeing this correctly. Darwin the Pug has an official Costco Pharmacy Membership card. Has he arrived, or whatI've alwaysfound great value in establishing a good relationship with my pharm...
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