Joint Pain

It's hard to teach this old dog new tricks. Or rather, it's hard to keep a "doer" from doing.A few weeks ago, I had a case of poison ivy. It wasn't awful, but it was bad enough that I needed...
Several weeks ago, I found myself feeling a bit faint during Sunday mass. It was no surprise - it was Palm Sunday the Sunday before Easter, and the gospel reading during which you stand is traditional...
Relief at last Per my post on Friday, not only did my doctor add Cellcept to my medication regimen at my most recent appointment, he changed up my prednisone a bit, giving me instant relief in the mor...
InWednesday's post, I told you how emotionally prepared I was to accept my doctor's recommendation to start Methotrexate. I was ready and willing to go big-gun when I arrived for my appointment...but ...
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