Joint Pain

Here, at Despite Lupus, we are thrilled that Chronic Pain Disorders chose to feature a list of top Lupus blogs of 2016. And we're even more thrilled and honored to have been includedCheck outtheir sit...
I am thrilled once again to feature friend, fellow lupus patient, and health blogger, Patty Richey here on Despite Lupus. About a year ago, Patty shared with us Part I of her experience with Benlysta,...
Yup. You're seeing this correctly. Darwin the Pug has an official Costco Pharmacy Membership card. Has he arrived, or whatI've alwaysfound great value in establishing a good relationship with my pharm...
I just heard about a new lupus study being conducted, and I thought I'd share. It's targeted toward lupus nephritis, or kidney involvement and inflammation due to lupus. The study is testing the effec...
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