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I spotted this page the other day from the Austin Hospital in Melbourne.My Health RecordAustin Health is participating in the My Health Record system, formerly known as the Personally Controlled Elect...
May 26 EditionWith the Budget on May 3 now fading in the memory we are now off and rolling in the election campaign. We are seeing a lot of promises with Health from Labor with Medicare well and truly...
I spotted these two reports last week. FirstTelstra-backed haptic medical robots transmit doctors' touch from city to countryby Max Mason May 20 2016 at 1258 PM Robots are on the verge of bridging the...
This appeared a last weekGoodbye Digital Divide, Hello Digital Equity and why we need to go the extra mile to get itEditor Dr Ruth Armstrong Author Lareen Newman and Mike Gurstein on May 17, 2016In th...
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