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Budget Night was on Tuesday 13th May, 2014 and it is still not finalised by any means.Both major health and education changes as well as pension changes are still stuck and it seems we have only 4 sit...
Hopeless David. Late Update. Sen Di Natale asked some e-health questions 3 hours late. All of them were parried saying Government still had no clue what it was doing and what was happening. D. This is...
Hopeless David This is the initial part of the post - read more by clicking on the title of the article. David.
This was released a few days agohttpahha.asn.ausystemfilesdocspublicationsahha_pre-budget_submission_2015-16.pdfThe section on E-Health is on page 7 of the 8 page submissionCommonwealth Leadership on ...
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