Cerebral Palsy

I have always known of my cerebral palsy and I feel blessed by this, I know of people who for one reason or another find out about their CP later in life. This still shocks me, heres why. I am Continu...
Do you find it hard to buy clothes because of your cerebral palsy If so, what do you find the most challenging to buy and why do you think that is let me know in the comments below The web&39;s Co...
Using a wordpress plugin ecommerce You should Continue reading The post accessible kitchen idea breville smart oven first appeared first on through my eyes my life with cerebral palsy.
Today I wanted to clarify what quadriplegic cerebral palsy is, and what it means for me as someone who has it. My understanding of quadriplegic cerebral palsy is that all four limbs are affected by ce...
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