Cerebral Palsy

help me celebrate on friday Don't you use a free SEOPRessor Why not The post help me celebrate first appeared first on through my eyes my life with cerebral palsy.
One of my friends and loyal readers emailed and asked that question. I can only speak to how it works here in Ontario, but the short answer is that you will need to contact ccac also known as the comm...
tell me in the commments below what you like and dislike about my youtube channel and what you would like to see in the future I truly appericiate you taking the time to tell me what you think and loo...
I am truly thankful that I have cerebral palsy, I feel like my cap, although it doesnt define me has certainly shaped my life and the experiences in it. I feel those experiences have offered me the ch...
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Dr. Nikola Gjuzelov / Cerebral Palsy