Autism Spectrum Disorders

I know Ive been writing mostly book reviews for a long time here, and that is partly due to some serious issues that have been going on in my personal life and especially with my marriage. I havent fe...
In The Replacement Wife by Eileen Goudge, Camille Hart has the perfect life. She is married to Edward, and together they have two wonderful children, Kyra and Zach. She has a successful career as a pr...
What a month this has been for reading I guess flying 800 miles four time in a month will do that to you. Next Up to Be Read Or reviewedI have actually finished some of these, but need to sit down and...
Rick Nieces memoir, Side-Yard Superhero Life Lessons from an Unlikely Teacher, eloquently evokes the fondest memories of childhood, drawing from his own experience growing up in small-town America. He...
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