About Acupuncture

This is the tail end of Acupuncture Awareness Week, and while most people are actually aware of acupuncture, they may not know why its such a good thing. Heres a list of why you should like acupunctur...
An acupuncture point is a specific location on your body where an acupuncturist inserts a needle. For acupuncturists, the existence of these points is kind of a leap of faith. The points we practition...
Years ago, I went camping with a woman who ground her teeth. She told me beforehand that she was a tooth clencher, but I didnt realize the enormity of what she was telling me until it was far too late...
Im frequently asked how I chose to become an acupuncturist. The truth is that there were a number of events in my life that brought me to the practice of this medicine. Depending on the day, and who i...
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