About Acupuncture

In my acupuncture practice I see a great number of patients who struggle with anxiety. Many have other health conditions, but some seek out acupuncture simply to help them calm down, slow down, reliev...
This is the tail end of Acupuncture Awareness Week, and while most people are actually aware of acupuncture, they may not know why its such a good thing. Heres a list of why you should like acupunctur...
An acupuncture point is a specific location on your body where an acupuncturist inserts a needle. For acupuncturists, the existence of these points is kind of a leap of faith. The points we practition...
Years ago, I went camping with a woman who ground her teeth. She told me beforehand that she was a tooth clencher, but I didnt realize the enormity of what she was telling me until it was far too late...
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