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35 yr old f, I've been put on cavstat and am scared.

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Hi I am a 35 year old female. I have just been put on Cavstat, 10mg once per day as my cholesterol is high Total cholesterol 7.1, HDL 1.2, LDL 5.3 (Total cholesterol as of 11/11/13 was 7.8
I have read all this bad stuff on cavstat and am scared to go on it.
I did go to a heart specialist last year and was given the all clear in august 2013.
Would not going on the cavstat for another 3 months and trying to eat better and exercise more and give up smoking and if it still hasn't gone down then after the 3 months go on the cavstat be ok. or would it be too dangerous.
I am very scared about 1. having high cholesterol and 2. going on cavstat. Please help.

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