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Yeast infections

Yeast infections
Yeast infections
Causes and Risk Factors

Yeast infection
Candidasis is the scientific name for a yeast infection that originates from the fungus "candida albicans". This fungus is found throughout our world, and can sometimes grow out of control undesirably, in our bodies.  Candida may live in our mouths, gastrointestinal tract, on our skin, or in the genital region for both men and women.

Usually, candida does not pose a health threat, unless the body's immune system is weakened by disease (e.g. cancer or diabetes) or medication (e.g. constant usage of antibiotics).  Usually, a yeast infection is not serious, and can be treated with topical medication.  Rarely, candida overgrowth can cause systematic infection through the blood, and become a serious health threat; however, this usually only occurs in cases of extremely weak immune systems.    

What is candida?
Let's take a look at this common fungus, and better understand how it affects our various body parts, particularly the mouth, genital region, and on the skin throughout the body.  As candida albicans is a yeast, it grows best in damp or moist areas of the body.  This fungus is normally present in our body, but our body's immune system is usually able to keep it in check.  Under most conditions, the body is successful in preventing candida albicans from growing too much.  When environmental conditions are different (due to a chemical imbalances, a weak immune system, etc.), the yeast takes advantage of the environmental changes . . . to our body's detriment.

Cutaneous Candidiasis, or yeast infection of the skin area, tends to grow in moist areas, just like oral and genital yeast infections. In particular, it may grow in the armpits, underneath the breasts, or any place where there are folds of skins, particularly in obese people.  Babies usually get diaper rash from yeast infections of this type, where the diapers provide an ideal place to cultivate infections.

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