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Yeast infection Causes and Risk Factors

Yeast infection Causes and Risk Factors
Yeast infections
Causes and Risk Factors

Although both men and women can be infected, yeast infection is the second most common type of inflammation in the vagina.  In fact, approximately 75% of all women contract at least one yeast infection in their life. Yeast infections can spread through sexual contact.  For this reason, men can have penile yeast infection, and can possibly reinfect their partners. Between 12 to 15% of men contract yeast infections after sexual contact with an infected partner.

For the elderly, yeast infection is more commonly found in the mouth.   When a yeast infection occurs in the mouth, it's commonly called "thrush", or oral candidasis.  Thrush is also common in babies.

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The symptoms of yeast infection differ depending upon the location of the body.  To learn to identify the symptoms of yeast infections in the mouth, genital area, and skin, continue reading. The next section on Yeast Infection Symptoms outlines the symptoms of a yeast infection here.

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