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9 year old with WBC of 3.9

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My son startEd breaking out in hives Sunday night ( when ever he gets sick he will break out with hives usually on his stomach and back, not a tun just speratic) Monday his stomach and back were covered in hives, had a 101.5 temp. A couple hours later the temp came down on it's own to 99.4. That night he broke out in hives all over his legs, stomach, chest. Tues his temp was gone but now had hives on his arms and hands also. I took him to his dr who ordered a CBC
His WBC was 3.9 HGB 12.5 PLTS 244 Neutrophils 38 and 1.5.
His dr said that his WBC was probably low because he is fighting a virus. He now has a cough.
His ANC is 1440 which seems kinda low. what do you guys think is going on?
Thank you
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replied November 4th, 2011
Thank you for the views, please respond with any advice.
I wanted to see what kind of responses I received before I mentioned my son
Was dx with leukemia at the age of 21 OT on 7/06.
I'm taking him back to his dr today because he woke up with a swollen tongue.
I googled it and came up with " angioedema" which can be caused by leukemia.
My son is 5 years cancer free which would make a relapse now rare, however our family is rare, we also had a daughter dx with leukemia- she sadly relapsed 2x had a bone marrow transplant
And passed away almost 4 yrs ago at the age of 11.
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