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6 year old seeing spots

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I took my 6 year old to her eye doc yesterday as sometimes she says she sees spots, or lines like lightening or 'Clouds". she says that she only sees them for a few minutes and then they go away. the doc checked both her eyes very well with his 'torch' and he told me that all seems well but just to be on the safe side he refereed her to hospital for this saturday to have her pupils dilated. he told me that from what he could see , and he spend a good 15 minutes checking her eyes, all seems well. she has been wearing glasses since she was 3 cause she had a squint but has improved alot. i am scared of any unpleasant outcome, or of the worst case scenario. her school progress has remained the same, nothign has changed except for these spots that she has been seeing occassionally for the past weeks
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replied December 19th, 2008
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Seeing spots, floaters and flashes in most of the cases isn't harmful.
They are a normal part of the process of growth and degeneration our eyes are destined to undergo.
In childhood, the spots and floaters, usually, are pieces of blood vessels that were left suspended inside the vitreous of the eye when it was forming before birth.
Some flashes are caused by blood vessel spasms and can occur at any age.
it's good to know that eye flashes can be a part of migraine attack, preceding the migraine headache.
However, if there is a sudden increase in the number of spots and floaters, if light flashes continue, your daughter will need more intensive medical attention.
It is good sign that her vision is not decreased and that after dilatation of pupils the doctor didn't find signs of inner eye problems.

Best wishes
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replied December 19th, 2008
thanks for your reply. she will having her pupils dilated tomorrow. i was getting very scared cause the thought that came in my mind was that her retina was being detached. I couldn't find anywhere on net that says that children do see floaters and are not always related to retina detachment. this was the only site that shed some light. From what the doc told me after he examined her eyes, from my thoughts only, if there was a tear in the retina he would have been able to see something as I read that the liqiud which is behind the retina would start seeping in and would have been seen during the examinition, I guess - I don't know - hope all goes well tomorrow.
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replied December 27th, 2008
I experience the same thing
But I'm 29 and this has been going on since I was 15 in high school.

I developed floaters after going through grade 9 Science class using microscopes.

Now these floaters will never go away.
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