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Why does a woman continue dating a man after losing trust?

My mom has been dating her boyfriend since sometime in 04-05. Im just confused, surprised and I don't know how to act towards her boyfriend which has been a long time friend to me and I feel guilty about it. I don't know whether there has been cheating involved but my mother has had a few fallouts with him because of alleged cheating. I don't know what to believe and I don't want to judge without solid proof but my mom has cried herself to sleep often and she's constantly arguing with him that continuing a relationship doesnt seem worthwhile. My question is how should I treat him? Should I be on her side and believe her? Should I continue speaking to him without judgement? My mom recently didn't want me to use the bathroom in his house because he was drunk, that's how little she trusts him. And my next question is, how in the world would a woman continue dating a an if she's lost trust in him and knows that's she will be unhappy?
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