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White and clear watery discharge after sex

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I had sex a few days ago, my partner didn't use a condom but im on the pill. After having sex i normally have semen leaking out of me straight away i didn't have this happen to me but only 6 hours later this white and clear watery discharge came out. Is this part of me and him and why did it only start leaking out only after 6 hours? What is this?
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First Helper kristigraham

replied June 26th, 2012
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If you do not have an itch, burn or smell, it sounds like it is just your combined fluids leaking out. The scientific term for this is 'flow-back'

Your vagina in the unaroused state is flat, with the walls collapsed onto each others, like a firehose on a fire truck, without water in it. So if your vagina went to the unaroused state, it could have trapped some fluid up there. Maybe your pelvis just did not tilt in the right way to let it out before you went into the unaroused state.

His semen is jelly like when he ejaculates. The heat at the top of your vagina will liquify it over the next 30 minutes to allow the sperm to escape. Sometimes the consistency of his semen is a bit worse, and it will take longer for it to liquify.

You can do kegels on the toilet to squeeze out as much of his semen as you can after sex.

Take care!
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replied March 8th, 2013
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The discharge is most likely the natural lubrication that is formed during sex, it is usually white/clear and gooey/stringy.

It could also be that you are ovulating, during ovulation a clear discharge is produced. Smile
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