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What is Gas?

What is Gas?
What is Gas?
Causes and Risk Factors

Everyone experiences gas. Although it may be embarrassing, we belch, burp, and experience flatulence more than 12 times a day, producing 1-4 pints of gas each. But what is gas?

What is gas?
The gas you pass is a combination of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane which forms in the intestines when the body digests foods. Gas passed through the mouth is called belching or burping. Gas passed through the rectum is called flatulence or flatus. Passing gas usually does not produce odor. When it does, however, this is caused by bacteria in the large intestine that release sulphur gases.

What are the major causes of gas? And what are some health concerns that could be linked to excess gas buildup? Learn more about who is at risk of gas ... and what causes excessive flatulence here.

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