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6weeks 4 days pregnant

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Hi, I am currently 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I had my first pregnancy that resulted in a loss a little over a year ago. So everything is freaking me out with this second one as I am 19 years old, so my concern is this; Me and my significant other had intercourse around 2:30 pm today 4/14/17. (Tmi sorry!!!!) I wasn't able to achieve orgasm that time so I masterbated and achieved orgasm at about 8:00 pm 4/13/17. I just went to the restroom and there is a slight pinkish tent discharge after I wiped. It was on there through 2 whipes and has since become less pigmented. It was at time 10:00 and its now 10:15 4/13/17. I have no cramping and no more back pain than usual. My back pain is always in the middle portion of my back but I've always had this pre-pregnancy. I am really concerned. Is this normal? Should I seek medical attention. I know its supposedly the norm after sex or orgasm. I just need reassurance that this is normal and my mind is just being crazy.
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replied April 13th, 2017
All dates are suppose to be 4/13/17
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