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Weak bones

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I AM 65,Indian,suffering from diabetes 2,hypertension,and on medication and both are
alwas under control.I am exercising regularly.I drink mostly beer on weekends in moderation.I had undergone CT scan in 2008 for a fall ,but my Doctor did not find any bone reduction at that time.last week i fell from my bed in sleep,got up and went back to sleep.Waking up I had severe pain in hip and adjoining area.I was examined by a Orthopaedic Specialist,and he found my bones are too weak<and put me on anaelgesics,Calcium supplements.It is over 2 weeks,and the pain had subsided.I am still getting some pain while getting up from bed.I am advised complete bed rest for 4 weeks.
I am on these medications for my diabetes 2,and Hypertension>
Tenormin 50 (attenelol)
evion 200MG.Please advice my recovery staus.
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