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Very light spotting after sex?

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A little over a week ago, I was having sex w/ my bf and right afterwards when I went to the bathroom there was a tiny bit of diluted red blood, maybe a drop, on the toilet paper. I was on top and it was somewhat vigorous, so I didn't worry too much. But it's continued to occur since, even after 5 or so days w/o sex. It's not much blood, and less than the first time, just a few tiny spots of pinkish blood on the toilet paper. It doesn't seem to be mixed in w/ the other fluids, and it's not drips or drops, instead I notice it mostly when I press the paper just inside my vaginal opening. Within a couple of minutes there's nothing, and I've had no other signs of bleeding except during penetration. No other symptoms in the area, no itching or burning or any other irritation, no change in discharge, smells, nothing. We are both STD free as far as we know (recent testing for everything except herpes, but neither of us has ever had any symptoms, and we use condoms.) I've examined myself with a mirror as closely as possible but can't see anything, though it's hard because it's the interior of my vagina and there's obviously bits and folds of tissues.

Could this just be some small tears that have been slow to heal? My bf is somewhat thick, but I've never noticed anything before and we've been having sex for 4+ months. I'm paranoid so the fact that this keeps occurring bothers me. My period is due in a day or two, and if it happens again after a week without penetration, I plan to go see a doctor. I was just hoping to get some opinions on this. Thanks!
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replied March 20th, 2012
Community Volunteer
The fact that it is that little, sounds like a micro tear. Since you were on top and it was vigorous, he might have bumped your cervix and bruised it, and that can be releasing a bit of blood also.

Best of luck!
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replied April 16th, 2012
Well, I waited to see if this would heal but it didn't.

Even after a week w/o sex I bled, and worse than ever (like a very light period now, instead of tiny spots.) I went to a GP, she saw nothing but sent me for a followup w/ a ObGyn. He also saw nothing, but said if I ever saw anything visible to come back. A day or two later, after another round of sex with blood, I looked in my vagina and saw a tiny purplish spot so I went back a third time (all in one week). Finally a different midwife & Obgyn were able to see what I was talking about. When they rubbed the spot they were able to get a bit of bleeding, so they used silver nitrate to cauterize the area and told me no sex for a couple of weeks.

Well, I waited over two weeks. This morning I was fingering myself a little to see how things felt, and even that friction caused a little pain and a tiny bit of blood (when I pressed toilet paper to the area) so now I'm really upset that whatever is going on just isn't healing. It's so upsetting i can't have sex with my bf. I'm so frustrated and I just want to know why things aren't healing. My period is due in a day or so, then I have I have a follow up appt in a week and a half.

Does anyone have any other ideas what's going on? Fyi- I was tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia- both negative- and I had a PAP that came back normal. pH levels were fine too. All visual inspections looked normal with the exception of that one spot. And everything seems tied to that single spot- all the blood seems to come from there, in varying degrees based on how much it's been irritated by sex or other things.
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replied July 23rd, 2012
hi, did you ever find out what it was? my gf is literally in exactly the same position as you! just recently happened the last couple of weeks though
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replied November 13th, 2012
light bleeding
hi, i had sex with my bf and he was kind of rough with my clit, and it was really sore the next day, and later on when i went to the bathroom i saw small spots on the toilet paper. its been 2 days now and it looks like its getting better..i dont see it every time i go to the toilet. is it normal?or maybe should i visit a doctor.
i have no other symptoms, itching or pain whatsoever.
please help, its the first time that happened to me!
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