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vein surgery and fluid retention

My fiance had double bypass last march and ever since then he been having trouble with his right leg. That's the leg they took one of the veins from. For almost nine months he had a large amount of fluid, in a pocket, right at the point of the surgery. The doctors kept telling him it would go down over time, but instead it gradually got bigger. Finally they decided to drain it. His leg felt a bit better after that, but the fluid came back in about three days. We had them drain it two more times, but the fluid just kept coming back. The surgeon finally said let's fix it. HA HA!!! Why did he wait so long. Well he had the leak sewn up and it did help to a great extent with the fluid, but now he's in a lot of pain. Any suggestions for pain relief other than constant pain killers? He saw a vascular surgeon about it, not the one who did the surgery. He did something called scholarotherpy, I know my spelling is off. He just injected something into the leg, said it would heal the vein. After that injection, he felt feverish, but no fever and has had even more pain. Also his left leg has some edema too with really thick hard skin surface and tiny little bumps, almost like goosebumps. Anybody know what the heck that is? Any help you can offer is great appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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