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Vaginal Bleeding Symptoms

Vaginal Bleeding Symptoms
Vaginal bleeding

Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Abnormal vaginal or uterine bleeding is completely different from normal menstrual periods and requires a medical diagnosis.  But what are the signs and symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding?  And when should women seek help?

Abnormal vaginal bleeding is any vaginal bleeding not related to healthy menstruation. This type of bleeding may include spotting of small amounts of blood between periods - often seen on toilet paper after wiping - or heavy periods when you soak a pad an hour for several hours. Bleeding that lasts for weeks at a time is also considered abnormal. However, bleeding in any of the following situations is abnormal:

  • Bleeding between periods
  • Bleeding after sex
  • Bleeding heavier or for more days than normal
  • Bleeding during pregnancy
  • Bleeding after before puberty or menopause

when to seek help
Remember, uterine bleeding can be normal.  But abnormal vaginal bleeding can be a sign of other vaginal health conditions or medical problems.  In general, anytime you experience unexpected vaginal bleeding, consult your doctor. Your doctor will evaluate your age and the circumstances of vaginal bleeding to help you diagnose the problem. To learn more about how to diagnose irregular vaginal bleeding, read the Diagnosing Vaginal Bleeding section that follows.

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