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UTI aggravated by flatulence ?

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I seem to be generally prone to UTIs, but I noticed recently that I suddenly had frequent flatulence. Sometimes, the flatulence is like small pops (like one manages to escape, but throughout the day and such as when I'm walking). Sometimes it comes on as somewhat of an attack, pops after another.

I suspect I don't "fart right", since I'm not usually a "farter"... if there's even a right way to pass gas without it affecting the vaginal area.

The reason I ask is because during one of those 'attacks', I had been in the car driving and I could feel (it's gross, I know) the farts from the back to the front of my crotch and that particular time, they were toxic enough to stink up the car. I could feel it coat my vaginal area.

I may have already had the UTI, but it was more noticeable after this flatulence incident. I had dismissed it because I have never found any link to flatulence and UTIs online during previous searches.

I had another similar attack recently, where again the fart had gone "the wrong way" over my vaginal area. This time, I know I have UTI, but it DEFINITELY has been very aggravated to the point I can smell it.

Can flatulence cause/aggravate UTI, and is there a "right way" to fart so it doesn't?
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replied August 9th, 2015
I think it can, as I learned recently, farts like the ones you're describing and loud farts actually secrete micro particles of faeces that you cant see or smell, and they of course will have germs that your vagina would rub onto on the undies, thereby causing the UTI's, farting is a nuisance.
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