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two contradictory reports

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Two different reports

Married Men Problem

confused00 Group: Members Joined: 14th Oct, 2016 Topic: 1 Post: 2 Age: 30
Posted on:14th Oct 2016, 2:08pm

Two different reports

Dear Sir,
about a month ago our gynae recommended me semen analysis I got my sample analyzed from a popular lab from lahore and result was ok. but i was not satisfied with doctor so I contacted a leading gynae in city who is popular for IVF. He said he will get my semen tested in his clinic as he dont believe out side reports. now second report after just one month is entirely negative

First Report

Abstainence: 6 days
Volume: 3.5 ml
PH: 8
Color:grey white
Count: 110 mil/ml
35% rapid progression
5% slow
10% non linear
50% immotile
Morphology: normal: 59%
abnormal: 41%
Pus Cells: 0-2/hpf

Second Report

Abstainence: 3 days
Volume: 1.5 ml
PH: 8
Color: pale
Count: 0-1 sperm found/10hpf
0% rapid progression
0% slow
0% non linear
100% immotile
Morphology: normal:2%
abnormal: 98%
pus cells: 0-2/hpf

Any doctor on forum plz check my both reports and tell what is the problem
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