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Just Wondering.

Just wondering.. Me and my boyfriend got in an argument today.. I waited to long to go to the store to get cigarettes.. First of all I don't have a car.. I waited an hour.. he had just smoked a cigarette before i left the house and still had some.. Well I told him... fine.. have my stuff backed when I get home from hilliard with my Sick grandfather I would leave... Well he did not have it packed.. do you think he wants me to stay and that is why.. or just he was to lazy.? I don't know.. well I will check this post monday.. till then I might not know what you guys say.. Alright I will talk to u guys later. Cayla
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replied July 10th, 2007
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I think he's just bloody lazy, but from the description you give I have the feeling that he doesn't care enough about your needs and stuff.

he's getting angry when you don't get his cigarettes quicky, but on the other hand he doesn't pack your stuff as you asked him ? that's not fair in my eyes. you did him a favor, he has to do one back. lazy boys are not welcome !

good luck Wink
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replied July 12th, 2007
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it sounds to me like he doesn't care.I have thought for a while that you should move out of there but you know how you feel and how things are.someone who loves you doesn't treat you like that.

s_kalb,can you show me your avatar but bigger?
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