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We Got Our Truck !

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Its alot bigger then i was thinking, i just looked at it before he got it never actually got in it, its a 2004 dodge ram 1500 quad cab i think it has the 4 doors so its pretty big, he let me drive it a lil yesterday and i had to drive it home from the hospital today, i felt like a midget lol cuz its just sooooooooo big. but u can fit 2 extra people in there with us 4 in it there is a seat in the middle in the back and in the front! so i like it more then i thought i would, i might drive it quite a bit while hes gone but im nervous about driving it to the px, the parking lot is itty bitty i might get stuck and freak out and yeah lmao. Now he just has to sell his car when he has time. Just thought id share cuz im excited and im waiting for the hospital to call so i can go pick him up, he is having the colonoscopy and endoscopy done this morning and the hospital is close by so i just came back home till theyre done. hopefully i can back that huge truck out the driveway without hitting something Smile hehe. im sooooooo used to my lil chevy aveo
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