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Genital Warts

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I just found out that I have genital warts or actually a wart. And i'm not sure how long i've had them since my Dr. Said that they can stay dorment for years. All my pap smears have can out normal, my question now is if my pap smears are normal does that mean I dont have hpv?? Or do you have hpv if you have visibile warts.
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replied February 26th, 2004
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Re: Genital Warts
Hpv is the medical name for genital warts. Its called human papenola virus.. Ok that second word is wayyyy off.. But the first word is human and the second word is virus, I just dont know how to spell the second word. But hpv is something that will always be there, doesn't mean you will always have a wart, but you will always have the virus, just like with genital herpes.. You will always have the virus, but will not always have a break out.. Hope this helps a little.
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