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Giving Blow Jobs.

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Ok, i've never given a blow job and my boyfriend really wants one. What should I do... Techinques? Ideas? What do men like in a blow job. Explain to me how to do it! I have no clue and I don't wanna mess up!
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First Helper moorejeff47

replied February 21st, 2004
Well, I can only tell you from experience, but there is something that comes from having nothing but pure love for the recipient, which transforms into the most wonderful oral sex. First, I find, you must sincerely have interest in the person you are doing this for, as they can really feel the difference. Next, I find that it is good to lick slowly over the entirety of the penis, in order to find which areas are ticklish, and which are sexually charged, or which are numbed. This is important, as you do not want to spend too much time with your mouth on an area too sensitive or numb. Most men prefer pressure, which means that if you are a novice at this practice, they will often appreciate having a "hand job" and a "blow job" at the same time... Especially if your mouth is small, or you cannot hold his entire member without choking, this is useful, you can hold him very firmly, and stroke slowly, to the rhythm of your mouth. Make sure you try to keep them steadily close. But move your mouth up and down over his penis, keeping it as much in your mouth as possible without choking, and move your hands over the rest of the penis, so as to give him the most full experience as possible. Just move your mouth down as you move your hands down, to keep rhythm, and use your hands when your jaw gets tired. And wait for the sounds of pleasure.
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replied May 20th, 2005
Experienced User
4 tips:

1. Make sure that he has washed recently. This is your first time and you don't want to be turned off by taste or smell.

2. Communicate. Ask how he likes it and suck on his finger first to see how far you gan go without gagging. Make sure that he knows as well so he doesn't try to force it farther.

3. Remeber that there is more than just the head. Don't try any fancy things at first, just smooth up and down with a tight seal and no teeth. Use your hand at the base and slowly go up and down with a slight twisting motion. Let him tell you how it feels.

4. The most important: decide before hand how to end:
- pull out and cum onto your chest, a towel or something comparible.
- let him cum in your mouth, hold it, then spit into toilet.
- let him cum in your mouth, and swallow.

If you let him cum in your mouth, make sure that you keep your mouth completely over it for at least 10 secs after you taste the first blast to ensure that you get it all. Not more than 15 sec because it will become too sensitive. Also have him warn you right before so you are not startled when he cums.

Also, if you taste the pre-cum and it is too harsh, stop and let him know that you have changed your mind and you will not let him cum in your mouth.

The ejaculate is not harmful by itself, but be careful about posible stds. Make sure that he is clean, or if not, use a flavored condom.
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replied June 14th, 2009
Just go up and down. Guys don't really care.
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replied February 24th, 2010
Watch your partners face, his facial expressions will let you know when you hit the spot – Practice - Practice - Practice - Relax and you’ll do just fine.
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