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Redness Each Side of My Nose

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since I was about 13, I developed a redness at the sides of my nose. I used to suffer from acne alot (i'm now 19), but it has died down now.

I suffered with spots on my nose and it inflamed and swollen my nose. It happened quite a lot, but ever since t happened the first time i've had these red patches on each side of my nose. I've never really suffered from the normal type of acne, but it has always been around my chin and nose. I have been to the doctors numerous times and have tried nearly every type of acne treatment there is. I've started using proactive and have found that it really works great. However the redness is just not budging.

My nose appears to be always red at the sides. Its not itchy, sore, tight, burning or anytihng. It just feels like normal skin but its red!! I cant understand why its not the same color as my normal skin! I thought it might be a kind of rosecea.... But the symtoms just arn't there. Its not a rash, its just discolored. Its been like this ever since I can remember getting spots (which is damn long ago!)...... And its really starting to get to me! I'm always aware of it.

Does anyone have any idea of what it can be? My only rational explanation is that its just been discolored by the severe swelling of acne on my nose when I was younger.... And it just burst blood-vessels or something and its now stayed like that.

If anyone has any idea of what it is, or anyone who has something similar please reply.

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replied March 6th, 2009
Hello there. i just read your comment and i have the same problem. The red on both sides of my nose have been there since i got a few spots as a teenager... I have to say , It REALLY annoys me and blows away any self confidence i might have. But i also now have dark circles under my eyes..AND recently (last few years) open pores on my nose with redness!!!.

I t just gets better,and better. Im a guy, 26 now almost 27 and hoping there is some miricle out there. The whole lot of these problems results in me just looking rough and ugly where as i know i shouldnt b, and wouldnt with out this, if you know what i mean.

I have seen doctors b4 but they dont really seem to know jack about it.. and just fob me off because they dont seem to see it as a serious problem. But it is, it truly is for me.

Part of the prob is, i guess down to todays high priority on lookin perfect. I spose if i lived in the middle ages it wouldnt be so much of an issue. Or maybe not at all. tada
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replied August 17th, 2009
redness on nose
i had acne when i was 13 still do and now i am 19.5

my acne has reduced alot

HOWEVER my skin is really red on the bottom sides of my nose, and right below my nose!!!!!!
I TREATED ROSECEA CREAMS, WHICH DID NOTHING... i dont think its rosecea because my brother has perfectly clear and pale skin exept one the sides of his nose!! only mine is much more red then his!!

i think ill try bleaching the redness with lemon juice for a few months, ill tell u how i goes for me!!
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replied August 8th, 2010
Hi so sad to hear about another sufferer I've had the redness on both sides the nose for five years. Aloe Vera is known for calming and soothing the skin and although it hasn't worked too well for me. It may work for you. If you're allergic to aloe vera or it just doesn't work then I would sugest using nettles and honey. It may sound really weird but as long as u put the nettles in hot water. It takes away the sting add a few spoonfuls of honey and put it on your face for about ten minutes every nite. Sounds crazy but works very well. I hope this helps.
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replied January 17th, 2011
So, i developed the same thing in 6th grade. It started in the creases on either side of my nose, and spread out below my eyes. It would peel, and get really red...and itch sometimes. I tried everything, from noxema to aloe vera to witchazel(not recommended btw). If i used vaseline(or any other lotion), it wouldn't peel but it would get really red. I had pretty bad acne in early high school, and this sure didn't help my self esteem. Eventually, i just left it alone...didn't even wash it with soap(water only) and it got a little better. I have learned since then that hydracortizone cream 1%, if applied to it on a daily basis keeps it in check. You can get it at Wal-Mart. It doesn't get rid of it altogether, but it is the BEST solution i've found
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replied May 17th, 2013
I have the same problem. I developed acne and after it left red patches on the side of my nose. At the moment I am trying vitamin e oil - it is suppose to reduce the appearance of scars/redness. It is also natural so people with sensitive skin might prefer this. It seems to be working a little bit although i havent been using it that long. It will take some time but will hopefully clear it up. Hope this helps your problem!
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replied May 18th, 2013
Hey everyone. I have this problem also! Exact same story with the acne and stuff!!.

I just want to say that it's important to rule out any other causes, such as:
LUPUS - Autoimmine disorder which can typically present with redness each side of the nose. There is a skin type of lupus, and an overall body type, look it up and make sure your symptoms don't tally with this. If they do, ask your doctor to specifically do a blood test for ANA. If it comes back negative, as mine did, you may only have discoid lupus. To confirm this though, your doctor will need to refer your to a dermatologist. (I would absolutely push for this as you have a right to be seen by a specialist!)

2- Rosacea. Rosacea comes in many different forms and has many different triggers. Yes, my redness is always there, but it's aggrevated by heat mainly. This is a common cause of rosacea flares. I have just started supplementing with something called 'Diatomaceous Earth' for my redness. I suggest you google it. Smile
Also, as someone mentioned before, hydrocortisone cream works. Be careful with this though as it's not recommended for skin with acne, breaks or infections. Don't use it if you aren't sure of the cause.. the last thing you want to do is make it worse.

ALLERGIES!! - Maybe you are allergic to the washing powder, the material you wear, the deoderant, fragrance, toothpaste, even yourself!! Since I started taking an anti allergy tablet every day, my redness is almost completely diminished!!(SERIOUSLY, almost gone!!) .. Just go to the supermarket or chemist and look for non drowsy anti allergy tablets which are usually marketed for hayfever, just on the front of the pack it should say 'for skin allergies, dust mites....etc...!) Take one of these every day ( You have to build it up in your blood stream ) and see if in a couple of weeks you have made a difference! - They have no side effects and are safe to take indefinately!

Anyway, that's the only help I have to offer atm. (That and - If you are female, use cetaphil moisturiser on the redness- it's specially designed for acne, and non comodegenic, and then cover it in mineral make up. Again, non comodogenic.) It really works to cover up the redness, so no one will even know it's there while you get it to heal!! YAY Smile

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replied July 7th, 2014
Im thirteen and i have redness on the sides of my nose i always thought that it was a trait or something like that i dont really get that many pimples or acne but if i do its usually there ive had the redness for a long time but my forehead is kinda red too (but i had that when i was a baby and my baby cousin had it too, but only on his forehead, it kinda faded away after he got a little older just like mine but it apeaes sometimes if i hold my breath or something like that) so im not really sure what it is at all i just recently started looking it up and stuff it gets really annoying when other kids ask me what happened -.- but tbh my nose itself isnt that nice either...i have that hump or bump thingy on it :/
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