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Swelling Above Navel

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For about two months now, my upper abdomen (above my navel) seems to stick out further than it did. It's not a specific small lump or anything, it's the entire area. When I rub over it, it feels very hard. Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible to have a fecal impaction in that area even if I'm having normal bowel movements now? I went to the dr. with side pain and they did an x-ray that showed very full intestines. So I have been cleaning myself out very well. Now my side pain is gone at least. I've also been experiencing very painful heartburn that covers my entire chest, just recently.
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First Helper xastur7

replied February 22nd, 2010
Hi -
I had your symptoms in reverse order! My heartburn felt like I had been punched right in the centre of my chest just under my ribs. It turned out to be gallstones and I had them removed in November. Pain has gone.
I now find myself with a swelling above my navel. It is odd - felt like it did when I was pregnant. Hard and round. So much so I did a pregnancy test to make sure!!! Had scan today and am still waiting for the results. They say that it isn't a hernia from my two c-sections or my laproscopic gall bladder op - but they do think that it is my bowel pushing into a space behind my belly button - which for some reason has a thinner layer of fat behind it than the rest of my abdomen. Hope to learn more from my GP or surgeon.
Good luck!!
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replied October 25th, 2010
merlin68. what did it turn out to be? This sounds like you are talking about me.
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