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Hep B Patient Suffering Indigestion

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Hi, I'm 44 years old and had chronic Hepatitis B carrier for 15 years,I currently live in sydney recently I'm experiencing digestion problem, I feel that my stomach is constantly feeling bloated, whats more, I have had diahorrea for the past 4 days, and this is happening few times a day.

I recently did an ultrascan on my liver and it was found that the liver is slightly larger than it should,and that it has coarsened slightly. I went to the specialist and was told that I should not worry and that the abnormality was under acceptable variation. This however, does not comfort me ,as I had a friend who was also a Hep B carrier and developed liver cancer, and was suffering the same symptoms. I went to my local GP and they was of not much help. I'm currently waiting for another round of blood test result.

My question is, given my condition, are these symptoms suggesting anything out of unusual? are they any medicine out there that could help with the diaphorrea
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