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Unsure Why My Head Hurts

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Hi, im a 17 year old student in australia getting ready for university. I have had a stuffy head for about a week now, each day it seems to be getting better. But one thing bothers me is that I dont know what it is, the pain isn't really painful but annoying, it can hurt near the temple , it can hurt certain sides of my head. I usually forget about the pain. I dont get enough sleep due to me having to change my double bed to a little single bed that allows my visitors from over seas to sleep on. I have visited a docter checked my blood pressure, the basic checkup and said I was stressed and thats all. Could it be something more? And I dont smoke or drink.

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replied February 10th, 2004
You have tension headaches ... Goto Google and search tension headaches, read a few of the sites and compare your symptoms. I myself have gone thru something similiar and I believe thats what I have at the moment.
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replied April 26th, 2012
Likely Allergies.
You said you are stuffed up. Could be allergies. Try a Reactine, Aerius or if all else fails Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride(Benadryl) but that stuff will knock you out.
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