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Abnormal Bleeding...

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Menstruation is a woman's normal monthly menstrual period. But what are the signs of abnormal periods? When is vaginal bleeding serious?...
Regular vaginal bleeding vagina is a sign of healthy menstruation. What signs and symptoms point to menstrual problems? Read on to learn the difference....
Menstrual irregularity means that something is wrong. Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of an irregular period to prevent larger problems later...
I suddenly started bleeding whilst having intercourse.
This has never happened before, sure there must be a logical explanation. I would like to know what the problem or the cause could be. Question
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replied August 25th, 2003
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How long do you bleed? Is it only during intercourse?

That has happened to me before. Most likely your guy was alittle rougher than normal during intercourse or else he just hit a spot that sort of cut you inside. It's usually a painless cut inside of you. In my case it bleeds just for a few minutes or hours and then it stops. If this is the case, there shouldn't be anything to worry about, but if it continues or is worse than my experience, I would get it checked out.
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