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Only 24, And Already Suffering Erectile Dysfunction?? Help!!

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10% of men experience erectile dyfunction. When does a penis become erect? And what is ED? Start here for ED basics....
Can other medical conditions causes erection problems? Here we review the many potential causes of erectile dysfunction. ...
If you can't achieve an erection or control ejaculation, you might have Erectile Dysfunction. But what primary ED symptoms should you look for?...

i'm 24 years old, and I would say for the past 2-2.5 years, i've been having trouble with my erections. Since I could imagine, i've been masturbating. But say, since the age of 18, I masturbate on average once a day. I lost my virginity at 20, where I really couldn't remember if my erections were healthy or not; all I remember is that wasn't concerning me back then. My concern began in spring 2005, when I got into sexual relations with a woman, yet I was either having a loose erection, or none at all. My concern lingered on until the end of the year, when I got into a relationship with sex involved. I would only maintain my erection either by constant oral or manual stimulation, as any attempt of intercourse would result in a loose erection, or a loss of it (only a couple of times do I remember ejaculating prematurely due to intercourse, because I actually was able to maintain it). A few times I recall not being able to get an erection at all. Since then, my sex life had been put on hold for a while, where I had to rely on masturbation. I was (and still am) only able to maintain proper erections by constant stroking, and a lot of concentration. Well, I once again got involved sexually not too long ago, and my problem still persists: I cannot maintain an erection very long during intercourse, and it took me some time to ejaculate, even with oral & hand stimulation. A few nights later, I couldn't even get it up during sex, so I completely lost hope.

What is going on?? I feel that my sex drive has decreased over the past 2 years, yet my obsession with masturbation still has forced me to perform it on a daily basis. At some point, I recall having mild pains when masturbating, but I didn't think much of it. Have I damaged myself by constantly masturbating? I tried taking horny goat weed (about 900mg daily) for about 4-5 days, but to no avail. And I know that my erectile problems in bed have nothing to do with anxiety, because i'm very focused & confident of myself. Another thing i've noticed is a loss of "morningwood".. I can't remember the last time I experienced it, and I heard that the frequency of "morningwood" is good indication of a male's sexual health.

I'm afraid to go to a doctor, only to hear him give me the "you just need to relax and stop being nervous" routine. Please shed some light, because i'm extremely discouraged, and am starting to panic more & more.
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First Helper Don8778

replied January 11th, 2007
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I've read a book recently on sexual health that also covered natural ways of combating erectile dysfunction. When I say natural ways, I do not mean natural herbs, but mean simply giving your body what it needs to create erections. There's probably more books with more in depth information about erectile dysfunction, so search around. The book I read is scientifically guaranteed male multiple orgasms & ultimate sex. [i hate to keep dropping that title in threads, but it's the only sexual health book i've read in years and it's the book that led me to this forum when looking for more info.]

the author explains the chemicals used by the body to create erections. Such as testosterone, which uses 5-alpha-reductaze to create dht, the super potent form of testosterone. And l-arginine, an amino acid found in protein. Choline found in lecithin, forming acetylcholine. He talks about nitrix oxide and cgmp and more.

Of course, I haven't explained anything by telling you that, but i'm letting you know of the detail and what I mean by natural. There's a couple supplements that might increase the things you need such as protein and lecithin and herbs that may increase testosterone. I think you'd really need to buy the book, or a book that covers the same things, but more geared only towards ed.

Excessive masturbation is slightly covered in the book as well. The author recommends limited ejaculation, but not really limited masturbation. Many of the chemicals important for sexual health are in ejaculate and you rid your body of these things if you ejaculate all the time. Then your body has to replenish them. For our age 2 ejaculations a week is fine, however, he suggests masturbating or having sex everyday. Including 16-20 strokes a few times a day. I believe it had to do with keeping the body producing the needed chemicals as well as transporting them to your genitals for good sexual health.

I know there are many herbal products on the internet that are supposed to help ed or firm erections or enhance sex. Many of these contain herbs like horny goat weed, arginine (mentioned above) and tribulus terrestris, a testosterone booster. I'm sure some may work, but I can't vouch for any of them. Plus, they're expensive and you're probably better off using more essential supplements that your body needs for more things than just erections. I don't know if horny goat weed is the best solution or the solution for you, but I don't think taking it for 5 days is really going to let you know the effectiveness. If you decide to use some sort of supplement specifically geared towards ed, i'd think you have to take it longer for it to fully take affect.

Morningwood is not something I can clearly state the reasons for. I know some people swear that they are sexual erections, while i've read and noticed that they may have more to do with having to urinate. I suppose both cases are possible. Supposedly, if you have to urinate while your sleeping your prostate enlarges or constricts preventing the flow of urine. This also restricts the outflow of blood from your penis causing erections. I've noticed this several times when I wake up to go the bathroom and have an erection that doesn't specifically feel sexual to me.

I think if you went to a doctor they'd try to give you cialis or viagra. Which may not be something you want either. They're not natural and have dangers. Perhaps there's a doctor you could talk to about non-drug treatments. A urologist, maybe. I don't really know.

I'm sorry I can't help you more, but I haven't had problems with ed so I can't give specific recommendations to anything I know works. I'd say look into finding a book that covers ed and how to solve it naturally and safely without drugs. Hopefully, someone will come along with more personal insight.
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replied January 22nd, 2007
Fish oil... 1000mg a day. Try to get at least 60% omega 3 fatty acids. Been taking it for one week, and my erections are stronger than ever!! Someone in this forum posted it... Thought i'd give it a shot. Wow.
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replied February 25th, 2010
Hey man,
Your story is amazingly similar to mine. You need to isolate the factors. Have you ever or are you on any psychiatric or any types of drugs that might cause this to happen? Drugs can definetely do it. Even though you think you are confident, there might be this subsurface anxiety that you go through while masturbating or having sex. I'd love to hear your response because I'm baffled by my problem too
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replied February 26th, 2010
This happened to me and I was pretty scared. I tried some of the herbal remedies and Viagra. Nothing. My urologist suggested I try a penis pump therapeutically. It helped me regain my confidence so I was less freaked out about the ED and was actually therapeutic in returning better circulation to my penis. Its still there if I need it. Check it out at They helped me and they would at least be worth checking out.
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replied May 7th, 2010
Just dont take 3g fish oil a day it lowers wbc and rbc count within about 2 weeks. That''s what I found out from experience I felt healthy I''m not sure why it did that...
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replied January 7th, 2013
Many guys are getting ED at a young age due to excessive porn use...
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