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Tingling In Cheek & Numbness In Upper Lip

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Hi! My name is cindy and I had tingling in left cheek and numbness in upper lip. I was wandering what it could be cause from.
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First Helper andrea michael

replied May 13th, 2008
my name is andrea iam 55 years old
i have tingling in the left cheek,also alittle part of my upper lift is numb inthe corner
I did mri ,also catscun .also chcked my gum they can't see any thing.
can some one help me?
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replied January 21st, 2009
rt face tingleing , numbness and bad headache
The right side of my face feels like I just left the Dentist office and I have had a bad headache for over 2 wks. My Doctor said it's just a Migraine but I really feel like it's more. Anyone out there to help ME figure this out?
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replied September 27th, 2010
left cheek left side of lips and sometimes left tongue are numb. CT scan revealed nothing.

Help it is driving me crazy
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replied November 11th, 2011
tingling and numbness
hi my name is Ashley i i am a diabetic and when my sugars get low i have tingling all in my face and after my blood sugar starts going back up the tingling goes away and my tongue goes numb and it will stay that way anywhere between 10 mins to an hour...what does that mean...does anybody else have this problem???
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