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Is It Hard to Get Pregnant With Lupus?

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Just wondering?!
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replied November 16th, 2006
My family history do have lupus and i've been told that lupus do occur flares up during pregnancy or pre-pregnancy without patients knowing it. My hair have been falling out a lot, but I don't know if it's a tumor or lupus or what. I've have been having misscarriages before 4 weeks of conception. I also can feel that my body natural hormone has been depleted after taking oral contraceptive than before taking it. As if my arm, leg, and hair folicles, (testosterone hormone?) used to be thick and now it is very thin and less hair. Before taking oral contraceptive, I was sexual active and i've noticed during taking contraceptive, my body hormone releases these foul odors through my body , because people around me can smell it but they don't know where it is coming from and I can't control it. I think it's then that my hormone has been starting to depleted. After taking oral contraceptive for 2 yrs, i've stopped. Because I wanted to start a family. Now i've noticed my sexual active isn't as active as before. My hair are less, from upper part of my body to my lower part of my body. The reason why my obgyn told me to take oral contraceptive is because I have heavy menstrual period and if patient who have heavy menstrual might have fibrosis or ovarian cyst or some kind of cyst , but i'm not sure why. I've also noticed during my early weeks of contraceptive, I feel very dizzy, as if I thought I was going to faint and I feel very tired and exhausted all the time. I was feeling something inside my stomach like a tiny bean inside your tummy. I was always hungry and keep on eating well, but when during the 1 month to see if I would miss my period or not, then when I woke up, I don't feel the bean inside of me anymore. A little pain after misscarriaged, and that is it. My tummy or stomach is big for my size, probably cuz I ate more than normal. Either that or one of the thing i've noticed patients who have lupus, one of the symptom is big belly, or beer belly, belly fat. I also noticed that I used to have extremely high metabolism, and now I easily gain weight from my belly, is that normal? Is that part of lupus symptom flaring up? My scalp is very oily for some day and dry for the next and I do get red scalp occassionally. Like as if a zit on my scalp and it hurt when I touch it. Another symptom i've noticed is that my lymph nodes is large under my ear. I wonder if I have hypothyroid or cancer tumor. Not sure if it related to lupus or not, has anyone have this experience or not, i've noticed that when my bladder is full during at night time, I have no feeling or sensation that trigger me to wake up and go to the bathroom, I only feel slightly weird but I don't have any sense of feeling if my bladder is full or not. Like before, if you feel you are full, then your brain tells you to stop, but I don't have that sensational anymore. Will this bladder issue will lead to kidney disease if left untreated, since kidney is very common in lupus. I think not only hard to get pregnant, but your obgyn need to be good too. I have a bad obgyn and so hopefully you can find a good obgyn midwife and doctors who have knowledge in high risk pregnancy for lupus patients.
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replied April 14th, 2010
Missed cycle with lupus
Well with my lupus I haven''t had a cycle in about 2 yes. I was on depo provera 2 yes ago and hadn''t had a poop in 2 years and I still haven''t saw a period. Which I think is bad cuz I was some kids. I''ve never had a chance to see my obgyn yet, but as soon as I get a chance I will be in his offc. Yes I''ve had awoken lymphnodes with lupus as well. That''s just a flare up. Prednisone??? OMG-I think that''s tge worst medication a Dr. Cud prescribe. It gas sooooo many side effects 1- Weight gain- I gain 50ofs. 2- fat chubby dace. 3-increase ur appetite tremendously. 4/"-Some of the medication makes ut hair fall out and 5-u can''t be in no type of sunlight becuz ur face will look like it''s burnt. All yr cheeks will be fire Red!! So do yu think I''m able to produce another child? I was thinking if I start taking birth control pills my cycle would come back? What yu think?
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