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Blood In Urine

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About three years ago, I developed blood in my urine after lifting heavy items. After numerous tests, the doctors found that it was coming from my left kidney. This was all they found. Everything else (blood tests, urine samples, scans etc.) came back normal. They eventually diagnosed it "idiopathic hematuria". I was consistently urinating blood for a good two years and it just disappeared on it's own. That was two years ago.

Two weeks ago it came back. I did absolutely nothing to aggravate anything. No heavy lifting, no exercising, nothing. Again, the doctors are stumped. Hoping it was a bladder infection the doctors put me on antibiotics for a week. Nothing. There was still obvious blood in my urine. No pain, no discomfort. I've been drinking lots of water during the past couple of weeks not knowing what else to do. They have already referred me to the specialist doctor (the same doctor I saw a couple of years ago).

So the reason for my post is to see if anyone else out there has been through this before. Blood in your urine with absolutely no pain or discomfort.

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replied December 29th, 2016
blood in urine
Hey Amy
Just wondering if they ever figured it out. I too am experiencing blood in urine after heavy work outs. No pain. They shoved a camera up my bladder but no cysts/tumors (that was fun- ouch). It's been going on for 8 months now. CT scan of kidneys just show some stones (which I've had numerous times over 20 years now) but I dont think blood is from passing any as I KNOW what that feels like...
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