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Sleepwalking In the Elderly

My mother is 75 years of age and has been talking in her sleep for the past 5 years. That's not the problem lately she has taken to sleepwalking and has left her apartment for the second time in 2 years. I'm worried about her. Are there any suggestions to safely preventing her from getting out. I have bought a travel alarm to put on her door. She tries to barricade herself in but when you're sleepwalking you can unlock doors and move furniture so I don't think this is sufficient. I know it's related to her anxiety attacks but she claims she can't help it. The doctor has prescribe her lorazapam but I know she takes this every day and it's also very addictive. She is very embarrassed and ashamed about this, I can understand that but I have to find some way to protect her in her own apartment. She won't come and live with me and my family will never be the same if she does. Please help.
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