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Bone Graft Removed Due to Bad Taste In Mouth

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I had a root canal 3 years ago and it was discovered that it was so infected at the root, that the tooth had to be removed. 3 months ago, I had the tooth extracted and a bone graft prepared for the implant of the tooth 6 months later... Almost instantly, I experienced this unusual bad taste in my mouth and constant salavation. Regardless of brushing, flossing, etc., the bad film/taste appears within seconds... I had the bone graft removed 2 weeks ago thinking this was the cause of the bad taste. After the pain subsided, the same symptoms came back. I am not on any medication nor did I change my eatting habits. I'm hoping that someone has experienced this and can offer some suggestions... Thank you in advance
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replied January 2nd, 2014
Bone graph/Bitter taste in area with graph.
Did it ever go away? I have this bad, bitter flavor in my the location of my bone graph...very bitter and comes back instantly after mouthwash or teeth brushing. Frustrated!
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