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Testicular Itch That's Just Red And Itchy, No Flaking, Scaly

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Well i've had this itch for about a month now and so far it hasn't flaked or appeared to be scaly. It's worse in moisture, and when scratched I think it secretes a kind of sweat even though it's not hot, but just from scratching it. It doesn't hurt or burn, just simply itches worse in damp environments.

Sometimes I turn on my fan and when they get really sweaty and cool my cahones. That considerably helps.

First of all it may be jock itch, but it still doesn't flake so I don't know. I've been using my towel in college for like 2 months without washing them, could that be it?? Don't think i'm a slob I just forget things like that.

Basically it could easily be a fungus or jock itch, what do you think.
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replied October 23rd, 2006
It definately sounds like fungus. It will not necessarily flake. Have you tried any of the anti-fungal creams?
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