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Strange Bubble/lump On Gums?

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Looking for some guidance and any help is greatly appreciated. Within the last month I noticed that I had a small lump above my last rear mollar. It is a few cm above the spot where my tooth meets the gumline. It seems to run and attach to the top base of my gums where it attaches to the cheek. It is not painful. It was difficult to find looking in a mirror because I had to pry my mouth open pretty wide. However, it seems to be a white color. I can touch it with my tongue. It feels like a water bubble underneath the skin. Sometimes it is really firm and solid almost ready to burst, even though it is not painful. Other times it is not firm at all and feels almost as if I can move the waterlike mass back and forth in its small contained area. I tryed to pop the bubble. A small amount of blood, hardly any came out. After I popped it and scrapped it, I rinsed with listerine. It does not burn, was not painful at all. I found that odd. It seemed after I scrapped it that it is a mass of tissue or skin, but I dont know what it is. Also, it produces a hint of bitter taste. I also noticed that when I apply a bit of pressure to the area I feel a small sharp pain in my mollar where my cavity is on that tooth. This sharp pain feels like I must be close to the nerve for this tooth. So, could this be a nerve problem or a problem rooted in the internal structure of the tooth? I'm wondering if this is just a first sign of a tooth problem. I am a little worried about it.

My dental history:
i brush daily. I had my wisdom teeth out approximately 6-7 years ago, no problems. No major dental work like root canals or bridgework or anything. I have about 4-6 cavities total, but they dont bother me.

I'm not sure what to do about it. Obviously, I should consult medical advice. However, should I consult a dentist or a doctor.

Also, I need to mention one other thing about my dental history that is a bit strange. In january I got a really bad lower sinus infection. My doctor at the time had not seen a sinus infection like mine before. It caused my gums to swell around my rear mollars on the top and bottom (moreso on the top). I dealt with swelling gums for around 2 weeks. At 2-3 different points the gums broke and sinus fluid drained out at that point (very gross I know, I had to deal with it too, not fun). I was wondering if this bubble/lump has something to do with my sinus problem. But, this bubble/lump is different and does not have the same characteristics as the swelling I experienced before, in that the previous experience was a gradual swelling and my gums were swollen over my teeth. This mass is constrained to one little area and has not moved, gotten larger or smaller (except when it feels more/less firm).

I'm incredibly confused about it and also slightly worried. I just moved to austin, tx and i'm in the process of looking for good health professionals in this area.

Another thing I would like to know: is there an organization that I could call to find local doctors/dentists that are accredited or certified by a reputable agency?

Thanks in advance.
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First Helper Brytni19

replied October 14th, 2009
reply to gums/tooth bubble
it sounds like a pocket of infection, you said when u press on it you can feel pain in your molar with a cavity in it, it sounds like u have a slight infection, u may want to see your dentist asap, because infections in the mouth/face can be very dangerous.
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This post has been removed because it did not meet our Community Guidelines.

replied June 1st, 2015
i have the same problum but i had a root canal done on the tooth it is over would this be just a side effect?
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