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Symptoms of Lung Cancer.......?

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My father has been coughing up a grayish black sputum or phlem for the last year I guess. He has a few other things going on as well such as tremors of the hands and head (which he has had for years but slowly getting worse), weight loss, loss of appetite, he has trouble sleeping, extreme night sweats, and trouble cooling off after his body temp has been raised. He recently went to the Dr. And they did a chest x-ray and they told him that they saw scarring on the right lung, he went to the Dr. About a year ago about the phlem prob. And they did an x-ray at that time too and it was normal so this scarring apparently occured in the past year. My first question is are these symptoms of lung cancer? What could have caused the scarring on the lung? The Dr. Had asked if he had pnuemonia in the past but he didnt think so and he definantly hasnt in the past year. I know that a lot of his symptoms are that of hyperthyroidism, I was also wondering if the thyroid is affected by lung cancer? He is supposed to get the results of his blood work and a radiologist is supposed to look closer at the x-ray of the scarring. They are supposed to get back to him early this week coming. I am just very worried about him Crying or Very sad . If anyone knows the answers to any of my questions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much. God bless!
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replied January 21st, 2004
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Hi, some of those symptoms sound like lung cancer, but until your father is diagnosed don't research too much. My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer 2002. And what you might read on the internet can be frightening. Scaring on the lung could be from pneumonia. Just listen to the doctors and ask lots of questions!! Make notes before the appts and even take a tape recorder with you if you don't like taking notes. Good luck.
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