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Mikey Age 13

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Hi, im a boy aged 13 and i'm scared of going to school and going out and doing things with my mates. I always feel sick and worried and I dont know why. I see a phychologist but I hate that. Im on lustral tablets, but I dont think they work.
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replied January 13th, 2004
Extremely eHealthy

you are really being very mature & sensible seeking help like this & I hope we can help. If we can't don't give up keep looking!!!!

Since you see a psychologist i'm guessing that your parents know you're having problems(?) you need to talk to them & be as honest as you can (sometimes we aren't honest, simply because we don't know or haven't figured "it" out yet), they are better able to help if they can understand. I know you don't like seeing the psychologist but it may help, give it time & again honesty. (by the way is it a psychologist basically justa counsellor or a psychiatrist, a dr who can therefore also give medication?)

did anything happen that started this off, bullying, loss in the family, loss of a pet, someone (friend or family) getting very ill, an accident, teacher, a run of bad luck at sport??? Anything at all that you can think of? How long has it been going on?????? I don't know what lustral is so can't comment, but I would suggest that you go on-line to a search engine & check what they're used for, how long they should take to start working & what the side effects are? Also check out a supplement called 5htp (what our body converts tryptophan to & which our body can't convert if we're too stressed but 5htp is what helps regulate the chemicals in the brain which cause stress!!)

if your parents want they can email me , as a parent I acn understand that they might be concerned about you getting advice from total strangers all over the world, in my case, sydney, australia. I have a daughter 15 & son 9, both have "issues" & my daughter has seen a psychiatrist due to a lack of 5htp which was discovered after she lost masses of weight due to a medication she was on for just 4 months.

Mikey, there must be something making you fel like this but you may never know for sure what & that may not be important, what is important is getting past this!!

:d one thing that helps my daughter Cool even when she doesn't feel like it is to :d smile so go on right now smile Laughing & every time you see yourself in a mirror or anything smile :p this not only makes you fel better it makes others feel better too, so would be especially nice for your family Wink it also works on the brains chemicals to actually make us feel better!! Idea smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Rolling Eyes :d
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replied January 13th, 2004
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Dear Mikey
Howdy matie.
My name is sami I am 21yr old female from sydney australia. I never liked togo to school either its weird. You cant explain sometimes. I was affraid of everything like everything. When I left school to get a job I would get so nervous to go to work.

I would get sick like so sick. Nerves would come over me. But once I was there I was ok till the next day. I realised that this was not a life for me it was making me so sad inside and I didnt want to be like that any more. I used to have a bad temper and I would cry alot. I always wrote songs not poems because I couldnt rhyme. It helped me to put my worys to paper. Now that I am 21 I read them and they are so good. I used to count to 10 when I was sad. And I would drink a glass of water fast I wouldnt let anyone know how I was feeling. But mikey I want to tell you that you can talk to me ok about how you feel if ya want
i never had vitamins...I dont think they are a good thing. The sun is good and having a true friend is helpful someone you can tell stuff and they keep secret.
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