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Just Found Out I Am Pregnant.

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I am due on december 10th and I am sooooooooooo scared! I am thinking about all the 'what if's', I don't want to end up having a miscarriage that's my greatest fear or going through amnio *yikes* does everyone have to go through that?
Also, I am taking meds for anxiety, I told my doctor about it and she told me that I should stop taking them little by little not cold turkey or else I could get myself stressed and hurt the baby.

What about excersicing? Is that okay, I used to go to the gym everyday, but--i was told not to lift weights anymore. Is running/jogging/walking okay for the baby? I don't wanna get super fat lol!

Ahhh, the adventures of being pregnant for the first time. I am 33 btw.

Thanks, ady
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replied April 26th, 2006
Congrats on pregnancy. I dont know where u live but in england amnio is voluntery. Im not having it and I didnt last time.

B4 u have amnio u have a blood test to see if u r at risk of having a downs baby. If u are at risk then the docs discuss amnio. Thats how it works in england.

No heavy lifting during pregnancy but walking gentle jogging is all good for you and baby also try aqua-natal (areobics in water) its for preggos only and its a great way of meeting other preggo's in ur area most are run by midwives. Ask at ur local swimming pool if they do classes.

Good luck hope this helps. Im here to chat to if u need to.

Btw im due 11-nov and im 30yrs old
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replied April 27th, 2006
Yes, I was told by a friend that an amnio is only when they detect something in the blood test, omg I am so petrified of needles. I am so glad I am finally pregnant though. For a long time I couldn't get pregnant because I found out two small cysts were in the way. Once they were out, I got pregnant within weeks! Dang, talk about being fertile.

Thanks for all the advice, I am in tx btw. 8)
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replied April 27th, 2006
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I am in sc, and, first of all (at least here), the blood test for downs isn't even required. My doc told me he is required to offer it but the patients are not required to take it. He also told me that, a lot of the time, when the test indicates something is wrong, the baby ends up being perfectly healthy, anyway.

The blood test is not accurate at all. Neither is the amnio. I took the blood test but wished I hadn't even before I got the results. I told my bf that I had no intention of getting an amnio and that it didn't matter, anyway, because even if the baby did have problems, I wasn't going to terminate or anything like that. In my opinion, it just causes undue stress.

Congrats on the pregnancy and good luck!
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replied April 28th, 2006
Thanks girl! I hope it doesn't have to come to an amnio, I don't plan on terminating my pregnancy either but, I would like to be prepared for anything.

God bless,
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