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Clicking In Throat When Breathing

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For the past month or so i've been experiencing a clicking noise in my throat whenever I inhale or exhale. It feels as if 2 peices of flesh touch and then are seperated, are there flaps of flesh in the throat that open and close to cause this kind of sound or feeling? It doesn't present any sound audible sounds to everyone else but I can feel and hear it myself. It first started happening after a snowboarding trip where I fell backwards and had a little whiplash. Also i've just been told that recently i've been snoring during sleep, quite loud actually where as before I would hardly make a noise unless I was really tired. I've also noticed that occasionally I have this clicking in my ear that only occurs when im walking. Does anyone else experience this? If so is it serious? I think i'll go have it checked out soon.
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replied July 17th, 2010
Re: Clicking in Throat when Breathing
I know this is a very old question but the exact same thing happens to me and has ever since I can remember (I don't think it was caused by whiplash or anything like that). It usually happens when I'm inhaling. It happens about once a day or so, take or give, usually when I'm moving around but not always.. I have no idea what is happening but I just wanted to let you know this happens to other people as well!
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