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My Head Is Sore And Hurts.

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As the title says on the side of my head near the back it is sore and hurts when I touch it. Even when I put a shirt on or off if it rubs agasint my head it hurts. Both sides of my head this has been going on for 2 weeks I told my doc and he just said its prob nothing and I should see if it goes away. My head itches alot to I gotta keep itching at it. And I did get a haircut recently about...2-3 weeks ago could that be it?. I have severe genreized anxiety and I keep thinking it's a brain tumor or something in my head. I dont know what it could be? I take showers and wash my head so its not cuz im dirty the soreness started getting worse 2 days ago where I can accutly say *ouch* when someyone/something touches me head.

Also I have a little bump in the middle on the back of my skull is that normal? My doc said it is but I dont really think she checked it anough she just wiped over my head with her hand and said oh its nothing. I just turned 18 so I gotta get a new doc and who knwos how long that will take!!!

Any suggestions on what/how to get my soreness to stop?

Im sorry I didint know where to put this topic so I picked anxiety becasue I do have anxiety about alot of stuff including this
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replied May 31st, 2013
same here i have this pain at the back of my head when i touch it its sore Sad and i went to the doctors and they said its nothing so idk
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replied June 2nd, 2013
Hi I have a similar thing it's like a constant ache for me I get sharp pains as well sometimes. I have almost like a dent in the back of my head and I had the doc check it and say it was normal. I keep getting this ache though I've been to the doc several times about it now I've asked him to give me a ct scan and he's also doing bloods to rule out other things! I just hope we are ruling them out and we don't find anything! I'm only 28 I'm to young to die.
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