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Cut While Shaving

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:oops: the other day while shaving..Down there my hand slipped and the razor cut just on the inside of my lip..And it has been a few days but still hurts to urinate. Is it normal for it to hurt awhile since the area is cut and what can I do to help it heal faster?
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replied April 10th, 2006
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Yes it will hurt as long as it is not healed. Everytime you urinate over it, it will irritate the cut. Try neosporane on a small bandaide for a few hours at a time. Be sure to wipe with a moist towlette to disinfect the area until it heals on it's own because the cleaner you keep it the faster it will heal.

Hoep this helps :)
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replied November 14th, 2012
OK So I to cut myself while shaving but its on the skin between your vagina and bottom. Don't ask me how I did it! But now i have noticed three bumps that have come up not anywhere near where i shaved. They are very tender and almost like a pimple. I can't see if they have a white head or not. Is there something I can soak in or what do I try to doctor them with or should I just go to the Dr?
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