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Green Smelly Snot?

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Hi please help me!! I an having this problem and I had just gotten over habing a really bad cold! My nose is full of this constant green mucus! Its not only green but it also stinks! This is so grose but it smells like old food trash! Please help me if u can tell me what this is .. Andwhat is is caused by and how to get rid of it.. I have had a cold for the past 2 weeks and now its just this snot that I have to keep blowing out!! Please help!!! :?
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replied April 10th, 2006
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That sounds like a bad sinus infection to me.. Or at least that's what the doctor tells me when I get nasty mucus like that. I think clear-yellow is just a head cold , but when it makes the jump to yellow-green to green it's sinuses.

You should probably have the dr check it out. Nyquil sinus/flu I think it is usually knocks them out for me.. As well as the thera-flu hot drinks during the day. I used to get like that alot, so I know how gross you feel right now.

I hope any of this helps.

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replied January 22nd, 2009
Greenish yellow snots
I too have a bad cold but I have only had it for a week. however i caught it from my 16 month old daughter. I used mucenix and it seems to be doing better by making me cough up the gunk! It is still yellow and green but here is the good thing, its turning back clear (alittle) oh yeah and I smoke too. what should i do?

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replied July 12th, 2013
Hi there - I was here in Feb 2013 cos I had the same problem and desperate. I took antibiotic 2 rounds in Mar and in April - after sometime the problem came back. The doctor wanted to refer me to a specialist but I refused and continued to look for other remedies online.
I was advised by a close relative to take the following for 2 to 3 weeks: colostrum, omega fish oil, horse radish twice a day. In the combination I also took lingzhi and 4life transfer factor. After 1 week i noticed the phlegm reduced and almost got better after 3 weeks. I wonder which of these worked on me - if anyone has knowledge kindly share. At the same time I reduced intake of milk and had more rest.

Thanks and regards -
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