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Can't Come In a Condom

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When I use a condom I can't ever come, I get tired or soft after too long. Anybody else have the problem, any suggestions.
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First Helper blabliblou1

replied January 6th, 2004
Hey dude don't quit using condoms, I use a brand called beyond 7 and man they are great. Feels like I am not wearing anything . If you use a condom that is to small it tends to choke you manhood ,that will keep you from getting there. Also use lubricated condoms,,dry condoms tend to hurt both man and woman,,,,finally just relax and enjoy the person you are doing,,,have fun and don't tell yourself you can't cum with a condom,,explode man,,,,,let it happen,,good luck,,
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replied January 9th, 2004
The trojan polyurathane condoms feel absolutely wonderful also, but they tend to break easily.
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replied August 19th, 2008
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replied February 27th, 2010
i hav this same problem wivout a condom on sex goes upto 10 mins which is great n i cum a load n wiv a condom on we hav sex for more dan an hour which is a turn off n at da end i still dont reach climax my girl wants me to cum inside her but wiv a condom i gt put off ov having such long sessions which gets painfull for her too i enjoy orgasms with full penetration n my size is 8 n condoms mk it really tight at da end which i think hurts or tightens the tubes to pump semen in which dont allow u to reach climax if condoms wer less tight dan i think problem can b solved but so far iv tried many n non ov em have helped ......... so dude look for a more flexible one n if ull find one dan lemme kno .......
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replied March 2nd, 2010
also can't do it with a candy wrapper

I tried every brand of condom at the drug store
I had sex about 20 times with about 15 different girls
I never did it without a condom and I only came once with a condom

girls hate it, they say there's something wrong with me, they feel insecure, if I ever mention I can't feel nothing because of the condom, I get hit so hard over the head by both girls and health proffessionnal

everyone just says no, it feels almost the same, the problem is you, no one else has this trouble, and anyway it feels better than an STD

well eff this, I'm really starting to doubt that herpes could ever be as bad as no sex and the worst case of blue balls this side of the earth !!!
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replied June 1st, 2012
I'm a 24 female and my fianc has the same problem while wearing a condom. No problem without one. I also hate condoms but birth control pills hate me. Even with the Trojan ecstasy ones he has a problem. Just need to keep experimenting. There's nothing wrong with you.
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