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Belly Button..

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Ok.. So im not sure where this is sposed to be posted at. I just thot that id try here since I know thers alot of females in here. Maybe someone in here mite know.
Ok.. So for the past few days, my belly button has been really sore. I just didnt pay any attention to it, just thinking maybe it was bruised or something. But a few days ago, it started to hurt real bad after I got out of the shower. So I looked at it, and there was this big red looking bubble piece of flesh or something coming out of it. And there was some whitish stuff coming out of it. Now its been a few days, I just thot maybe it would go away.. Or at least start to get better or something. It doesnt hurt as bad now, but the thing is still inside of it. It almost looks as if my belly button is turning inside out or something from inside is coming out. And the whitish stuff is still coming out of it. It still hurts a little bit. Im not really sure whats going on with this. Does anyone know what this could be?? Anything at all?? I would rather not go to the doctor to see about it, but I know that if it gets any worse that I will have to. By the way, im not pregnant.. I just posted in here becuz I thot that maybe there are alot of ppl that read in this one. So anyone know of anything that this could be, or what to do about it?!
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