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Bacterial Infection During Pregnancy

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I am 6 months pregnant and have had a bacterial infection the whole time that my doctor cannot seem to clear up, we have tried about 5 cycles of antibiotic(flagyl) and no improvement and have just tried 2 cycles of metrogel with also no improvement and everything I have read about this condition during pregnancy has said that it can be harmful to the baby and can cause pre-term labor. When I confront the doctor with these articles he says not to worry about it that it is fine but I am very worried. I really dont know what to do since my insurance wont pay for a 2nd oppinion and I can't afford to pay for it myself. What should I do? Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone else experienced this?

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replied December 30th, 2003
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What type of infection? I have strep b, which is a common bacteria found in nearly 40% of women. It will never go away, and could potentially harm my baby, if I get pregnant. If you are at 6 months, I wouldn't be too concerned, it just depends on what kind of infection. Please make sure that our doctor always physically examines you to make sure that your cervix is nice and closed! I have lost two babies now at just over 5 months because my cervix starts to thin and infection sets in. As long as the heartbeat sounds fine, and you feel well, don't worry so much. Get an ultrasound just to reassure yourself. Goodluck!
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replied May 14th, 2009
I have had the same problems with not being able to clear up my BV. I first started to get them when I got the birth control Mirena, that was almost 5 years ago and my doctor ha not been able to give me any explanation of why I keep getting it or if it might be my birth control that is making me more supceptable to it. I will be approaching my completed 5 years on the Mirena and will be looking to have another baby, but I am afraid that I might riun into some complications due to all the complications I have had with this issue. So I understand how frustated you are. I dont have any other advise for I am in the same boat! If anyone can add any advise, please help!
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replied June 14th, 2009
bacterial infection
hi i was 5 months month and4 days pregnant the baby was fine every ultrasound was good the baby had no problems i had a good pregnany with no sickness at all until i start feeling more wetness coming out of me like water then contractions which i thought was normal pain while beening pregnant this was my first child and most people said this was normal on 5/25/09 i decided to go to the doc and sure enough the baby was coming to early i didnt understand because i thought i did everything right he stayed alive for 3 hours but later pass at first the nurse was saying that my cervix open to early and next time i can get it close but my doc told me i had a bacterial infection there wasnt no type of name for this infection she just said this can happen to any body it can come from food, even being around a sick person i had no signs at all with this infection just be careful,ask question dont worry and the baby will be fine
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