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Undiagnosed Back And Hip Pain Over 1 Year

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Hi I have been suffering from severe low back and hip pain for almost a year. I don't know if I have a lipoma or not, but I recently read an article describing the "back mouse", which is a fat herniation under the muscle. I believe this may be what I have going on. I have seen 3 orthopedic surgeons, 2 chiropractors, a rheumatologist, a neurologist, my primary physician of course, a masseuse, and an accupuncturist, oh and 2 physical therapists. No one has given me a diagnosis and I am at the end of my rope. Everything that has been suggested as a cure as made the pain worse. The massage gives releif for a few hours, but that is it. The muscles that run from my low back on either side of my spine down to my but feel like solid steel rods. I am most comfortable standing or lying flat. I also have severe pain in both hips that occasionally runs into the psoyas muscle. I have not been able to engage in any physical activity in almost a year and that includes no sex, because the pain in my hips and back gets worse. I am 29 and in relatively good health asides of these symptoms. I do also have plantar fasciatis in both feet and a sleep disorder called sleep paralysis. Everything may be linked but I don't know. So far the article about the fat herniation under the muscle was the best description.
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replied October 24th, 2010
Back Mouse

Did you receive any responses or have any further information as to your situation

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replied November 3rd, 2010
i know who you feel, i have tried everything, the only thing that works for me is Remidial Massage but it has to be full on. 1 hour of pain, it really hurts when he digs into me but i take a pain reliever before i go and a few days after i am totally swollen and in pain but then i feel great for a few months and then it starts again but i go and get a hit every few months, i have been dealing with this for the last 10 years, neck, back , lumber and frozen shoulder after a car accident. i have spent thousands on chriopractors, accupunture, insoles for the shoes, did not work. maybe it might help you. regards mel.
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