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Weird Sensation!

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I am going crazy! On my left ear, not really all the way inside, but just right there, I have a strange numb, crawling sensation! I hate it because everytime I get it, I scratch it or rub it thinking it is a bug or hair. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I have had my ears cleaned at the doctor and that didn't really help. I was shot in the head with a b.B. Gun about 11 years ago and that was right above my left ear and so I wonder if that could have caused nerve damage. I had a cat scan done about a year ago and nothing thank god. I also suffer from bad allergies and sinus problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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First Helper purple333

replied December 26th, 2003
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Consider yourself lucky i've got this in both ears & have had it for about 2 years!!

I have tried all sorts of creams etc etc etc but in the end I have found that the "best" or at least most likely to stop it for a time to be advised by my ears when they start up again - is to use a bobby pin(hair pin) the u turn end & just gently use it as if i'm getting something out (not hard & not really inside - just at the entrance of my ear where the sensation is.

If you find something more permanent & that I don't have to make sure I always have a bobby pin with me constantly let me know please!!
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